Henna Brow Revolution: The Rise of Natural and Defined Eyebrows
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Henna Brow Revolution: The Rise of Natural and Defined Eyebrows

Henna is a safe way to dye your hair, besides just having a natural and long-lasting appeal. But have you considered the impact of henna on your eyebrows? No doubt, the process is equally safe to experiment with. The fine hair and skin get more defined and gain a rigid shape when you dye the brows. If you think henna can do wonders for your brows, follow the below-mentioned process; it is a little different but worth the experience!

Dyed to Match

To complement the freshly dyed hair you recently got, consider achieving your henna eyebrows accordingly. It will depend on your original hair colour and the natural colour of your brows. Additionally, choosing henna for the brows helps you receive a much better-defined shape, making you instantly want to quit brow pencils. Applying henna could be your long-term solution if designing and shaping the brows (using tweezers and pencils) seems too much of a task. Henna brows last over three weeks and even longer when maintained using essential oils.

How-To Guide

  1. At least 8 hours of prep time is necessary to make your henna dye give off the deep, rich colour since it takes time to release and activate fully.

  1. Wash out your brows to clear off any makeup or product that prevents anything from getting in the way of the dye. Do not apply if chemical dye already exists on your eyebrows.

  1. Before fully colouring the brows, wait for two days to let the colour intensify and be sure you want to go with it any further.

  1. Completely protect your skin and clothes before getting started. Wrap a towel or shower cap across your mane and wear old clothes, you don’t mind staining. Using Vaseline, line the shape of your brows to avoid staining extra areas. Flush with water immediately if you encounter henna near your mouth or eyes.

Tools & Ingredients

∙ Glass bowl

∙ Cup Distilled Warm Water (Alternative: Freshly brewed black tea)

∙ Plastic Gloves

∙ Spoon

∙ Cling wrap

∙ Vaseline or any brand of jelly

∙ Shower Cap

∙ Eyebrow brush

∙ Cotton Swabs

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Put three tablespoons of henna powder into a bowl.

  2. Next, mix in the tea or warm water to bring a pudding-like consistency.

  3. Keep mixing to dissolve every lump.

  4. Let the bowl sit for 8-10 hours after covering in a cling wrap.

  1. Wear gloves and a shower cap before beginning to apply.

  2. Line the shape of your eyebrows with a heavy coat of jelly/Vaseline.

  3. With a cotton swab, start applying thin layers of the paste.

  4. Gently comb and brush the brows to fill the area.

  5. Additional step: Apply essential oils to make it last longer.

  6. To keep the henna protected, use a plastic wrap around your brows.

  7. Rinse off the henna after three hours.

  8. Keep washing until the water runs clear; don’t use soap.

To see the full colour of your henna eyebrows, wait for 24 hours. Sometimes, they might darken instantly.

Top Tips 

After unfolding the basics, a few more critical notes exist that you must know before beginning the process:

∙ Never use pre-mixed henna for hair dye. Always prefer mixing your known ones that don’t contain any acidic additives.

∙ You can do another layer if you aren’t satisfied with the feel of your brows in the first session. But before making them darker, wait at least 72 hours (about 3 days) for the colour to settle fully.

∙ Please do not use the paste on your lashes; always keep them away from the eyes. Flush off with water immediately if henna meets your eyes.

Finally, follow these tips to get the most out of your henna eyebrows:

∙ Avoid using a fake tanner during the week of doing the brows.

∙ Skip doing them before attending a momentous event/occasion.

∙ Refrain from using exfoliating or potent cleansing products around the brows after application.

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The henna stain usually lasts for six weeks depending on the dye’s intensity, aftercare habits and skin type.

Henna is derived from plants that offer a gentler treatment as compared to traditional tints that are made up of pigment and chemicals like PPD which bind to the skin and hair, sometimes being too harsh for sensitive skin.

Prep the brow henna first so it can sit and develop. Start with pouring 1 measuring spoon of Iconic Brow N Wax’s natural henna powder into a bowl of warm distilled water/ freshly brewed black tea for a smooth consistency of the paste.

Brow Henna by Iconic Brow N Wax comprises of natural ingredients that prove to be safer than other eyebrow dyes which mostly contain chemicals harmful for sensitive skin.

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