Decoding the Durability: How Long Henna Brows Last and Tips for Prolonging the Effect
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Decoding the Durability: How Long Henna Brows Last and Tips for Prolonging the Effect

Henna eyebrows are one of the popular eyebrow tinting procedures renowned for their natural aspects. Its ability to dye brows naturally is remarkable while offering different benefits to beauty enthusiasts. However, considering the beauty treatment of henna eyebrows, there are also some cons. One of them is durability. Compared to other eyebrow tinting procedures, the results of henna eyebrows are less likely to stay longer. But what if we tell you that there are different ways through which you can make the results last longer? Being one of the beauty destinations for providing eyebrow henna in Deception Bay, we have decoded the durability of henna eyebrows for you. Let’s see.

What Are Henna Eyebrows?

Henna eyebrows are a procedure which involves tinting your brows using a natural and chemical formula. The henna is extracted naturally from leaves, leaving the stains on your brow hairs and skin beneath. It is available in various shades suitable for different hair colours. By undergoing simple procedures, individuals can get the desired darker and more defined brows.

How Long Does Henna Eyebrows Last?

Henna eyebrows last for about 2-4 weeks. It stays on the skin for a maximum of 2 weeks and on the brow hairs for four weeks. However, the henna eyebrows result last depending on various factors, such as how you take care of your brows, sweating, skin oil production, sun exposure, and many more. Over time, the shades of henna fade gradually.

Effective Tips for Prolonging the Effect of Henna Brows

Being one of the popular beauty destinations for eyebrow henna in Deception Bay, here we have shared some of the effective tips to prolong the effect of henna brows. You can consider them for maintaining the results of a newly undergone henna eyebrows procedure.

  • Keep Your Brows Dry For 48 hours

After you undergo the henna eyebrows procedure, you must keep your brows dry for 48 hours. Avoid contact of your brows with water or steam, as they can fade the results achieved. Henna takes time to completely settle on your brow hairs and skin. You should also avoid any excessive physical activity as it can lead to sweating, affecting the shade of henna eyebrows. Even if you shower or wash your face, ensure you are not letting your brows get wet. Instead, you can use damp cotton pads or soft cloth to clean your face.

  • Try To Minimize Exposure To Direct Sunlight

Direct exposure to the sun can lighten the henna shade. Hence, it’s better if you are avoiding sun exposure. Even if you go out, ensure your face is covered with a hat or scarf.

  • Do Not Touch Your Brows Frequently

Unnecessarily touching your brows can fade your tinted brows. Hence, try to control touching your brows unless it is extremely necessary.

  • Be Careful With Your Skincare

Many of us follow the skincare routine. The products contain brightening agents that can lighten the shade of your brows in case they come in contact. Hence, during the application of skin care products, avoid the area around the brows.

  • Let Your Makeup Not Reach On Your Brows

Applying makeup products closer to your brows affects the eyebrow shade as it takes away the tinted cells. Cleaning the makeup from your eyebrows using a cotton pad can also lead to wiping off the shade.

  • Reduce Oils By Blotting The Skin

Our facial areas produce oils to keep our skin hydrated and protected, and similarly, our makeup products have some amount of oil in them. Blotting a few times will help keep the oils from reaching your brow hairs and maintain the tint.

  • Drink Enough Water

Of course, drinking water and eyebrow tinting are not directly connected, but it keeps your skin hydrated. If your skin is dehydrated, it can shed, and also the brows, this will ultimately lead to making the shade faint.

Incorporating these few effective tips into your daily routine will help you achieve a lasting henna tint. Iconic Brow N Wax is one of the popular beauty destinations for offering brow henna in Deception Bay; our professional beauty artists provide effective henna eyebrow treatment and aftercare tips that work. Along with henna eyebrows, we also provide beauty treatments such as eyebrow threading, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming, body polishing, body waxing, and many more. Our professionals perform beauty procedures using quality products, as well as prioritize hygiene and safety. Understanding your preferences, we tailor the treatments and help you get the desired results precisely.

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Yes, as eyebrow henna is a natural procedure, it suits individuals with sensitive skin.

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